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The Benefits of feeding our Hay Cubes

There comes a time when you are fed up with wasting hay, throwing out wet bales because the tarp leaked and consistently dealing with poor quality hay bales. When that time comes it is a great time to contact us, and get on the Paramount Cubing feeding program. Read through our benefits of feeding our hay cubes and we are sure you will agree with us and we will be waiting for your call.

  • Ease of Portion Control

The cost of feed for your horses comes in as the #1 expense, so knowing exactly how much you are feeding to each horse ensures you don't over feed or underfeed. With our high quality hay used to make our cubes, you know your horses will eat every last cube. You are in control and you know exactly how much your are feeding every day. Paramount Cubing recommends you always feed by weight not volume.

  • Reduced Waste

This reduced waste is two fold, because of the nature of our Hay Cubes horses cannot separate the leaf from steam so they will eat both the high fiber and leaf utilizing the full nutrition of the Hay. On the other side because Hay Cubes are make from chopped up long steam hay horses are able to digest the feed more fully with results in less waste you will need to muck out of the stalls everyday. Once again saving you costs.

  • Consistent nutrient content.

‚ÄčThe nutrient levels found in cubes tend to be more consistent than baled hay and our Alfalfa cubes are sold with a guaranteed minimum nutrient content. Every season we bring in thousands of tons of Hay all from the same region making our Hay Cubes that consistent all year long. Load after load the hay cubes are made from the same quality hay. Consistency is a important part of the horses diet, and by feeding Our Hay Cubes all year long your horse will be healthier and it will lessing its chance of colic or other digestive problems due to sudden change of feed.

  • Reduced dust.

Cubes have little dust and are therefore a good alternative to hay for horses with certain respiratory problems.

  • Reduced storage requirements.

Cubes are more dense than hay and therefore require less storage space. Also if you order between 12-15 ton we will include a water-tight storage container that you can keep at your facility and feed directly out of. This is a great option for facilities without hay barns, and will remove to worry of rain and weather damaging your feed supply.

There are many reasons why people feed hay cubes.....


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