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What are hay cubes?

Hay cubes are actually made of  regular horse hay that has been chopped into small pieces and then compressed into cubes.


Are hay cubes made with low quality hay?

Paramount Hay cubes are made from western Utah Alfalfa hay that has been specifically farmed for the equestrian market. We control the quality of the hay from watering to cutting to ensure the best possible feed. We take pride in producing a premium quality hay cube.


How many hay cubes equal a flake of hay?

We recommend always feeding your horse by weight not volume or flakes. Generally speaking horses should be fed 1.5% or their body weight per day in roughage. So for example a 1000 lbs. horse should be fed 15 lbs. of cubes a day


Can I feed both long stem hay and hay cubes to my horse?

Yes, remember to meet the requirements for feeding your horse so if you do want to supplement another type of forage into your horses diet, weigh both long stem hay and hay cubes to ensure you meet the 1.5% of your body weight.


I am an individual, can I purchase hay cubes directly from you?

We currently have over 30 dealers throughout Southern California and Hawaii who can help you find our hay cubes. For your convenience we do offer pickup of our products at our distribution center in Paramount Ca. 


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