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While getting a trailer is the most popular way to get cubes delivered to your facility there are other options.

We have the ability to dump smaller loads of cubes (8ton) in your barn or slab. 

We also have larger trailers if you have the room and a large number of horses to feed each day.

Multiple trailers can be delivered if you are in a rural area and don’t want to risk running out of feed in an emergency.

Walking floor deliveries can also be arranged if you have the facility to hold this type of deliver. (Just like bulk shavings deliveries)

(most trailers are plain white with roll up doors)

(notice our cube trailer in the background)

More information

Trailers are 28'X8' the door is 4 feet off the ground.

Trailers need to be on a flat level surface.

The ground need to be hard packed and firm (these trailers are heavy!)

Time your reorder up to when your just finishing the last of the hay cubes.

Our Feeding Program

Water-tight Storage

When you purchase a load of 12-15 ton of Paramount Cubing Hay Cubes and your facility is feeding at least 20 horses a day a trailer is included.

You feed directly out of the trailer, it stays tucked away on your property away from the elements and you are even able to lock it up to secure your feed.

When the trailer is close to being empty all you have to do is give us a call and we'll bring you out another load of our quality hay cubes.

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